I just had a whole conversation with a Mexican that ain’t understood shut I said but he was smiling the whole time.
Damn ... does anyone still go to church anymore on Sundays?
Some just wished me a happy super bowl day...... bih today ain’t no holiday. Don’t start no stuff.
Don’t ever go back to a situation that you had to pray to get out of.
Y’all be careful out there. Some of the girls ain’t drive sine last income tax season.
A lot of ugly girls take cute pictures.
Don’t tell everybody what you doing until it’s done. Everybody not for you.

Over the last 8 years, DJ DA crafted his love for music into a flourishing career as an urban club/radio/mixtape DJ in South Florida. Born and raised in Miami, DA worked as a party promoter while attending college, which later led to DJing. Now residing in Fort Pierce, FL, where his nightly radio show is located, DA is the go-to guy for a hype event. “You’ll never forget a DJ DA party – anybody can play records but you gotta perform for people,” he says.

The first edition of DA’s Crunk Mixtape series caught the attention of WJFP 91 Jamz’ program director and he was offered a mixshow position Friday nights. His show was a hit, and a couple months later he was holding down the 5 o’clock spot Monday through Friday on a station that’s syndicated in 17 cities throughout Southeast Florida. The Crunk series is currently on Volume 4 and things are moving quickly for DA, who is also an official Slip-N-Slide and Cool Runnings DJ.

Though spinning the newest music and hosting the hottest parties is clearly DA’s true calling, it wasn’t what he set out to do. “I went to school for business because I didn’t think you could make money in music,” DA recalls. During this time he was throwing events part-time, and began DJing by accident. “One night the DJ at the club didn’t show up so I had to play the CDs I had in my car,” he explains his first experience on the turntables. “It ended up working and here I am now, a full-fledged DJ.”

Not sure what direction to take after graduation, DA settled into a corporate desk job and was involved with music as a hobby. But as he got more recognition and steady bookings, DA put in his resignation and took the plunge into his passion. Club gigs, mixtape hosting, and a renowned radio show soon followed.

During one of his parties, Ted Lucas from Slip-N-Slide was impressed with DA’s crowd control abilities. DA was asked to join the Slip-N-Slide DJ crew shortly thereafter. It was a similar story with Bigga Rankin and the Cool Runnings DJs. In the club, DA developed a niche for opening major concerts. Anytime Plies, Boosie, Webbie, Gucci, Jeezy, or any other big name came through the area, DA was called on to crank up the show. He applied this same energy to mixtapes and mixshows.
Distributing over 30,000 copies in the streets, and acquiring over 125,000 online downloads, DA’s Crunk series is one of the fasted growing brands in the area. He also hosts independent projects for artists like Iceberg Tony, C Mack, Raw & Uncut, Young Buc and is currently on a compilation for Poe Boy Records. D.A. is also working on projects with veteran C. Wakeley & is the official Dj for Troy 2da Vent “I like introducing talented artists to the world,” DA says in a recent interview with The Ozone Magazine. “I give 150% on my mixtapes, and when you see ‘Hosted by DJ DA’ you know it’s gon’ be fire.”

Currently providing sounds for Tropical Martini, Redemption Ultra Lounge, Levelz Nite Club, Club Easy, & various events every weekend. His radio show airs Monday through Friday at 5 o’clock and the mixtapes are taking off. It would appear DA has reached a majority of his goals, but there’s still more to accomplish.

“The sky is the limit and I want to be recognized for my DJing,” he says, after being inspired by the BET Awards DJ Category. “It made me realize I’m not really comfortable yet.” DJ DA is presently amplifying his campaign to reach more listeners and break more music. With his presence increasing every day, DA says, “I’ve always been humble and content, but I always want to grow.”



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